Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Internet and Distractions

Ahhh the internet.  Filled with cats and videos of people hurting themselves, and of course, naked people.  There is so much to do on the internet, who can resist the call to sit back and stare at a couple hundred cat pictures?

It's not easy.  While many say any fool with a computer can write a book (which in itself is a false statement), any fool that thinks they can write a book will soon realize just how hard it really is.  Sit down and write?  Easy!  That is, until you head to Wikipedia to look up what kind of indigenous plants they have in South America.  A few clicks here, a coffee or two later, and you are a expert, a real freaking pro, on the subject...but you haven't written a word.

Not everyone can be a writer.  Writers are the people with the whips on their backs.  They are the people tortured by the stories in their heads.  Their characters talk and talk and talk, the scenes in the book being played over and over again.  There is only one relief, one source of sanity: writing it down. Then, the characters are free, and more importantly, the writer is free too.  For a true writer, the internet won't distract them for long; they will write, because in the end, they have to write.

But wait you say, you didn't tell me how to stop browsing the internet!  If you really must know, if you are not one of the writer's I mentioned above then here is my humble advice: turn off the WiFi or unplug your modem.

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