Wednesday, January 2, 2013

So I thought, well it's about time to start blogging again.  And here I am.  Do I know what to say?  Not a chance!  How many people are going to read this?  Zero to five...if I am lucky.  I might set a new record and dip down into the negatives (or maybe I could find absolute zero and every scientist in the world will thank me for my great discovery).  It doesn't matter though, I'll be here plugging away (maybe literally when a book comes out).

So, I'll keep this updated, talk about what I am working on, the fun of the writing industry (oh yeah, this is going to be just chalked full of sarcasm), and maybe some other, random fun stuff.  So come along for the ride (or don't and let those scientists gives me that award for finding absolute zero!).  

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