Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Random Post (Of the First Variety)

Driving...go ahead, think about it for a while, just let it sink in there and kick your brain a couple hundred times.

No, it's not just them.

Driving makes you wonder about people, about the human race in general.  Can there really be so many stupid people in the world?  At first, you can't believe it.  There's no way.  Then you stay on the road for ten minutes, get stuck behind a parade of old people hanging in the middle of the road, get cut off a couple times, almost get hit by a young girl texting, and realize the world sucks, you want to watch it burn.

Then you get home and its forgotten.  But, there is still some bile caught in your mind's throat.  It will slowly coagulate and forever be lodge there.  Soon enough, you hate everyone and everything.  And why?  Driving, that's why.

What's my advice you say?  Uhhh...you could take the bus and sit on urine soaked seats next to that lovely smelling homeless person...but really, I don't have much advice.  You could try and chill out (SERENITY NOW!), or you could just read and transport yourself to a different world and forget about this life.  I think I will stick with that for advice: screw this world, live in another.

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